Five Sons Roofing Services, Based in Lakewood, CO.

The Five Sons Roofing team, based in Lakewood, CO, has decades of experience with both Commercial  &  Residential  Roofing Projects. With experience in both New Installations & Repairs, the Five Sons Roofing Team is the premier roofing company in Lakewood, CO.
Our Team provides complimentary consultations to ensure that you, our client, is knowledgable about your options and the process of your roofing project.

CONTACT FIVE SONS ROOFING FOR A FREE INSPECTION TODAY!We schedule a day and time that works best for you, to inspect all possible damages.

The Five Sons Roofing Team's Insurance Claims Process

The Five Sons roofing team also provides "White Glove" insurance claim service. Our team works on your behalf to make sure that you receive the claim that you deserve.
The Five Sons Roofing Insurance Claims Process is as Follows
  • Step 1) Complimentary Inspection

    We show up on time to perform a complete and thorough inspection along with digital analysis, of the entire property, checking the roofing, gutters, siding, paint, windows, doors, fencing, drywall and other functional components (ex: planters and grills) for hail, wind and storm damage.

  • Step 2) Inspection Analysis & Results

    We provide a digital analysis and topical education of damages found upon inspection to roofing, gutters, siding, etc., based on our professional experience and request that you contact your insurance company.

  • Step 3) Filing Assistance

    We are available to assist in filing and even help to manage the initial claim upon request. The insurance will provide you a claim number, assign an adjuster, and schedule an appointment for their adjuster, to perform their inspection, and prepare their estimate.

  • Step 4) Appointment & Advocacy

    We obtain the claim number, the adjuster’s information, and the day/time of the appointment from you, so we can make sure that we there as your advocate. This allows us to meet with the adjuster to acknowledge all possible signs of hail/ storm damage, matching our professional experience with theirs, so that all damages incurred are accounted for by the insurance estimate.

  • Step 5) Claims Management

    We are knowledgeable of international code requirements, that is honored by most insurances, and can manage supplemental claims that may not be included in the initial estimate.

  • Step 6) Roofing Work Completed

    Five Sons Roofing will do the roofing and other approved repair services included in the insurance provider’s scope of work, for insurance proceeds only.

CONTACT FIVE SONS ROOFING FOR A FREE INSPECTION TODAY!We schedule a day and time that works best for you, to inspect all possible damages.

Supplemental claims are claims that require a professional to document, estimate and submit damages not included inside of the initial insurance estimate. Supplemental claims are necessary for the completion of the claim and disbursement of funds. Estimates between professional claims contractors and insurance claims adjusters are all based off a third-party estimating software called Xactimate.

*Contingent upon the insurance provider, insurance policy, severity/amount of damages and the amount paid by the insurance for roofing, gutters and other trades as compared to fair market value.